Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year, New You

New Years is one time of the year when anything goes from a fashion standpoint. You can wear whatever you want and have limited stares as there are no boundaries. Everyone is excited, it's time to be out, to express yourself, to welcome new beginnings and on this evening you let your fashion walls come down as you countdown to the new year. The dress I sported on this monumental evening was from The Salvation Army on Little River Turnpike in Northern Virginia. We visited the Salvation Army while on the DC Thrift and Boast Tour in which I found a lot of great things. 

The Lila Color Block Sheath dress retailed for around $39.00 by Alloy Apparel, an online retailer of moderately priced fashion for all. The cost at the Salvation Army was $12.99, for me that is pretty steep, but, I liked the fit and figured I would definitely make use of it. I did gold accessories as the dress was kind of plain; statement necklace from Nordstrom, Vince Camuto gold suede hoops and a gold bracelet. I think the gold accessories made the dress pop and was a nice touch to the simple yet chic look. Additionally, I completed the look with black opaque tights and Calvin Klein suede Booties. 

What were you sporting this New Years?  Was it thrifted or found at a great price?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Announcing the DC/NOVA Thrifting Bus Tour...

Join the Thrift and Boast group for a day of Thrifting in Northern Virginia and Georgetown!

Saturday, November 15, 2014
7:45am - 7:00pm
James River Passenger Center

915 North Allen Avenue
Richmond, Virginia 23220

We will meet at 7:45am at the James River Passenger Center to board a chartered coach. Our ride will include complimentary beverages and snacks along with a selected movie from your host.  
We will be chauffeured to a number of thrift stores in the DC/NOVA area. Don't miss the opportunity to find a treasure in our nation's capital! 

Invite a friend and Get your ticket today!


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Children's Hospital of Kings Daughters (CHKD) Thrift Store Thrift and Boast Meet-up

On Saturday, August 9th, the Thrift and Boast group ventured to Children's Hospital of Kings Daughters Thrift Store. For some this was their first time in or even hearing of the store. Although there is a Children's Hospital of Richmond; these are two different organizations. (I didn't know this). I'm so happy to learn new things. This organization started in Norfolk with a small group of women who were setting out to make a difference in the lives of young people. Check out their unique story here!

To say the least, we were excited to host our Thrift and Boast meet-up at this location. When we arrived, we had our donations in hand and ready to learn about their cause. We were greeted by the wonderful, Joy Litton and her staff, at the CHKD at 91 S. Laburnum Avenue, Richmond, VA. They eagerly awaited our arrival and took us on a tour of the store to see how they bring clothes back to resale life. They get donations from all over and are very thankful for the donations as they help fund the Children's Hospital of King's Daughters' mission.

After the tour, we had a timed style challenge which participants were partnered up and had to create a look for a specific season. This was a great time as everyone scurried around looking for specific pieces to complete their looks.

Carla and Destinee sharing their masterpiece with the group

Ann-Michelle and Serena putting their outfit together.

Sherry and Elaine matching things up

When the time was up all participants brought their outfits to the front and the CHKD staff judged the outfits. Although, everyone did a great job putting things together, there could be only one winner.
Winner: Ann-Michelle and Serena "Summer Summer Summer Time"

Each winner received a $10 cash prize to go towards their purchases. Our meet-ups allow us to understand what goes on behind the scenes, educate ourselves in worthy causes and have some styling fun in the process. Join us for our next event on Saturday, September 13th at 9am. Click Here to sign up.

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Once upon a time...

I must say as a mom of a teenager growing into a young adult, it has become impossible to see eye to eye when shopping for clothes. I say tomato, she says toma-toe; I say no, she says why. I'm looking at her like, "You can't be serious!". Once upon a time, I remember I would go to the store, alone that is, choose what I thought was cute and knew she would love. I would get home and my thoughts were confirmed not only was she happy but, I could see in her eyes, "something for me" while running off to her room to try her stuff on.

I wasn't going to let this teenager get the best of me, I had a solution. I thought I would put my foot down, disregard her opinion and buy what I thought looked good; Ha, she showed me. The things I bought sat in the closet with tags on them, never worn and she would repeat the things that she coveted the most. Who showed who?

This is one of those life lessons where I had to yield to the growth process. I had to let her have an opinion and let her express herself, especially if it's not hurting her or anybody else. We believe we know what's best but, the reality is we have to listen to them, respect their opinion and let them be themselves. Needless to say, I'm still working on that.(pray for me)

Nonetheless, I managed to find the silver lining. I introduced Ms. "I don't like that" to the thrift store and let her look at all the great things available to her while showing her what I liked (still trying to have my way). At that moment it hit me, I'd rather spend $4 for a shirt then $24 for a shirt she's never going to wear. If you have to let go, the thrift store is a great place to start. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

An Evening to Remember...

You have an event to attend and the first thing that comes to your mind, "Oh goodness, what am I going to wear?". The dreaded thought that enters everyone's mind when faced with the call of a work event, social/ formal gathering, holiday party or wedding; what to wear.

Thrift stores and consignment stores are great for these types of items because you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look like a million bucks. Here's the kicker, yes, you will find great evening attire but, maybe not at the time you are looking or in need. So, when you're out browsing or just out about doing your weekend shopping, pop in some of the stores and see what they have. Now is a great time as those types of items are on sale and probably pennies on the dollar. This way, when you get the call you already have something and maybe you're just looking for accessories or shoes to complement your look.

An evening worth remembering is one, where you didn't have to break the bank....

Below are some of my evening thrift store finds:

Do you check out thrift stores or consignment stores for evening wear? If not, I hope this post challenges you to.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

To Patronize or Not Patronize...

I must say as a consumer and budding entrepreneur, I find it disheartening to discover the continued lack of customer service that is exhibited in certain retail stores, eating establishments and places that provide services and products. While the consumer has a plethora of choices, you would think any and all customers are seen and treated as valuable.  I'll ask myself while standing in line at these establishments, "Does the manager know about this?", "Should I say something?" and "Am I going to continue to patronize this business?" I am always ready and willing to call the manager and let them know about my experience whether, good or bad. Despite how good or in demand your product/service is, you can only survive on poor customer service for so long. We all have our bad days but, there's a time and place for everything.

Image source retrieved from http://sparkyleegeek.wordpress.com

How do you handle poor customer service?
Do you continue to patronize or do you find some where else to go?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is There a Method to the Madness???

Thrift Stores can be overwhelming all by themselves but, once you get accustomed and have a lay of the land, that feeling of overwhelm disappears. Nonetheless, with the decrease comes a lack of discipline.You have to reason and tell yourself just because it's a dollar or two, "do I really need another black shirt?" or "don't I have something similar?" and lastly, "is this what I came in here for?"


Here's my method to the madness:

  1. I only buy what's on sale. Meaning the color of the week, dollar day or a percentage off. Unless, it's something uniquely different that I've been looking for, only then will I consider it. Otherwise, I don't even consider the item if it's not on sale.
  2. I know what I'm looking for and have made a mental note. But, most of us forget things quickly so make a list of what you're in search of, similar to a grocery list but, more precise. For example, black slacks to match White Blazer.  This will prove handy when your trying to figure out, do I need this, what was I looking for, etc. Lists keep you focused and on task. 
  3. Give yourself a budget. It may sound childish but, when you see things for a dollar or two, you will find yourself buying everything and doing that often could have you on an episode of Hoarders. 
These are a few tips I use, do you have some rules that you follow?