Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Is There a Method to the Madness???

Thrift Stores can be overwhelming all by themselves but, once you get accustomed and have a lay of the land, that feeling of overwhelm disappears. Nonetheless, with the decrease comes a lack of discipline.You have to reason and tell yourself just because it's a dollar or two, "do I really need another black shirt?" or "don't I have something similar?" and lastly, "is this what I came in here for?"


Here's my method to the madness:

  1. I only buy what's on sale. Meaning the color of the week, dollar day or a percentage off. Unless, it's something uniquely different that I've been looking for, only then will I consider it. Otherwise, I don't even consider the item if it's not on sale.
  2. I know what I'm looking for and have made a mental note. But, most of us forget things quickly so make a list of what you're in search of, similar to a grocery list but, more precise. For example, black slacks to match White Blazer.  This will prove handy when your trying to figure out, do I need this, what was I looking for, etc. Lists keep you focused and on task. 
  3. Give yourself a budget. It may sound childish but, when you see things for a dollar or two, you will find yourself buying everything and doing that often could have you on an episode of Hoarders. 
These are a few tips I use, do you have some rules that you follow?


  1. Lol, hoarders! I would add to your list that I also give myself a set amount of time in a store. If you stay there over a certain time, you either start picking up more stuff or it can start to get overwhelming again.

    Thrifting Diva

    1. Good Point, Ayana! Time is key but, there's no harm in examining fabric, patterns and colors. This helps you when finalizing your selections.

  2. Very good points for shopping in general!

    1. Staying focused and having patience is key. There's so much stuff out there that it could be costly, if you're not careful.